Reflect on what current social movements could transform the future of the world.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are a good number of current social movements that could play a transformative role in how reality is constructed and seen.  One such movement would have to be the Occupy Movement.  A reason that I believe the Occupy Movement can and already has changed aspects of reality is that it is forcing people to examine the issue of wealth and power all over the world. As the world is moving towards a capitalist state of being through globalization, the disparity between those who possess wealth and power and those who lack it is becoming more stark.  This is a reality that is causing people to reflect and to think about their own sense of place within this structure.  The mantra of "We Are the 99%" is something that resonates with, not surprisingly, so many.  The Occupy Movements can help to transform reality because there are more people who are impacted by wealth disparity, more people who are on the bottom of this economic reality, and more people who are demanding change because of it.  I believe that the Occupy Movement can help to transform the future of the world because it is opening up a dialogue intrinsic to capitalism.

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