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Social media has led to a lack of social interaction in teenagers. Do you agree with this statement?

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I do not agree with this statement, but I realize that it would be difficult to test it objectively.

In order to objectively determine whether this statement is true, we would have to have done studies before and after the rises of social media.  We would somehow have had to define “social interactions” and we would have had to count how many of them teens had before social media compared to how many they have now.

I would argue that the statement is false.  I would say this because I believe that interactions on social media are social interactions.  There may be cases in which these interactions are less authentic than interactions that happen face to face, but there are also many cases in which social media interactions are simply an extension of other interactions.

In fact, I would argue that teens actually might have more social interactions today.  In the past, when teens got home from school, they no longer interacted much with friends.  They might interact with one person at a time on the phone.   Now, if they are on social media (or if they are texting) they can interact with many friends even while they are home.

For these reasons, I would argue that the statement is false.

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