How does social-economic status affect whether one survives or falls victim to the Red Death ?

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price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the Red Death starts spreading across Europe devastating the population, Prince Prospero gathers up 1000 of his closest rich friends and brings them to his castle.  He locks up these lords and ladies in the abbey of this castle to protect them from the disease.  He offers refuge to the wealthy in his kingdom as well as others like musicians, cooks, and servants who can provide the comforts he is use to.  It is for his amusement that he chooses the noblest and most important people to wait out the plague that is encroaching on his kingdom.   In the end when the plague shows up as a mysterious stranger to the masquerade ball, we learn that the social-economic status of a person cannot save them from the disease and death.  Money cannot spare you from the fate of the Red Death.  

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