What was the social cause of American Revolution? 

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While political and economic causes dominate the reasons why we went to war with Great Britain in 1776, there were some social factors that were also involved. The British had been very helpful in setting up a political and economic system in the colonies. For the most part, the colonies were created to benefit Britain. People began to believe they had learned how to govern themselves. Now, they needed to be able to do that.

As time passed, the colonists felt they could now run the colonies without British assistance. They believed they understood how to develop an economic system that would help businesses and farmers thrive. They believed they knew how to develop policies to successfully run a government. They believed they had learned so much from the British. It was now time for the colonies to be on their own and running their own country.

As time passed, the colonists felt less connected to Great Britain. Life in the colonies was different in many ways from life in Great Britain. Some colonists were feeling much less British and much more American. The connection with Great Britain was fading with each new generation. Thus, when Great Britain began to pass laws and policies the colonists didn’t like or support, more colonists began to believe they no longer needed to under the control of Great Britain. They believed the colonies were ready to govern themselves as an independent nation.

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