SnoringWhy is snoring dangerous to health ?

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My father snores, such I have had concerns about this for awhile. First of all, snoring can result from a simple cold and not be dangerous. But if it's related to sleep apnea. That means the person literally stops breathing for seconds at a time, and it is dangerous because breathing might not start again.
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On a lighter note, snoring could be harmful to the snorer if he or she has an intolerant spouse. Many desperate spouse have been driven to extremes such as putting a pillow over the snorer's face, pinching his or her nose shut, poking, jiggling, and even hitting. Many spouses resort to sleeping in a separate bedroom, so snoring is harmful to the emotions as the spouse might feel rejected.

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Snoring indeed can lead to other health problems as the body has to work harder during sleep time in a person who snores. As mentioned above many people who snore also suffer from sleep apnea.

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Snoring in itself is not dangerous to health.  However, a lot of people who snore have sleep apnea, which is dangerous to health.

In sleep apnea, the person actually stops breathing over and over again in the course of a night.  This is very bad for the health because it puts a great deal of stress on the body.  It can lead, for example, to heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes.

Please copy and paste this link to see more about sleep apnea.

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For obese or overweight people, snoring is dangerous to health because it increases blood pressure and it increases the risk of stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Against snoring are oftenly used various devices, such as nose clips or patches, but most of them have no effect. There is also a surgical procedure, but it is extremely painful and recovery takes a lot. The surgery is very expensive and often does not solve the problem.