Would "The Sniper" be better told as a novel?Explain your answer , support your ideas with details from the sotry.

Expert Answers
scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, this question is purely an opinion, but you can point to examples from the story to support either an affirmative or negative answer.

1.  Yes, "The Sniper" would make a better novel than a short story.  It would not need to be a lengthy novel--perhaps even a novellette would work--but a lengthier form of the story would enable the writer to further develop his main character and provide more background information.  As it is, the story provides little detail on what makes the sniper who isat the story's time setting. Additionally, by writing a longer form of the story, the author could provide key place/time setting details that would not ruin the work's suspense and irony, but rather would enhance them.

2.  No, "The Sniper" needs to remain concise in order to make the surprise ending truly a surprise and to maintain one of the story's themes.  If the reader gets too bogged down in historical detail and setting description, the ending would not be as dramatic or ironic. Likewise, the brevity of the story mirrors the author's portrayal of the brevity of human life and the life-changing effects of a "split second" action.