The sniper by Liam O'FlahertyWhat can I infer about the sniper's character?

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I think you can also infer that he is intelligent. He tricks the other sniper with an elaborate ruse (his hat seen over the edge of the wall). He thought up this trick while wounded and with limited supplies. Clearly, he is good at his job. He must be smart in order to keep a good look out while avoiding detection by the other snipers. He is also able to determine that the woman is an informant (although, as pointed out above, he has little proof of that). His superiors must have through he was intelligent because they allow him to work alone. He reports in sparatically, so he has to follow the orders he's given on his own.
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I'd say that you can infer that he is the kind of person who gets to be very dedicated to a cause.  He is not one to really contemplate and/or question what he is doing.  We can see this from the fact that he is willing to do things like shooting the woman without any sort of thought or any regret after.