How would you defend smoking?if you were to support smoking in a discussion, what would you say? Any opinions?

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booboosmoosh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Personally, I believe that people have the right to smoke if they choose, but I find the habit nasty. I don't like my clothes or hair to smell like smoke. I had a grandmother who died of lung cancer who never smoked a day in her life, nor did anyone in her home. I hate having to walk through clouds of smoke going into a store or stadium. I'm thrilled that smoking is not allowed in restaurants and bars. Second-hand smoke is more dangerous than smoking: if I wanted to take those risks, I would smoke myself. It upsets me beyond words to see a parent smoking in the company of children.

Smoking makes one's face age more quickly and turns the fingers that hold the cigarette yellow. It yellows the teeth. It upsets me beyond words to see a parent smoking in the company of children. I do not appreciate any ads that promote the "cool" image of smoking, and am very pleased that spoking is rarely seen on television. (Chewing tobacco is also nasty.)

The only positive thing I can say in support of smoking is that it is a right people have; I would prefer it not affect those who choose not to smoke. Smoking is a right, like anything else, but not everything we have the right to do is good for us. It's hard to see a positive side to something I find so distasteful.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I smoke several cigars each day, and I support the right of people to smoke tobacco if they choose. I also support the laws that restrict smoking in public areas, and I entirely sympathize with people who do not want to breathe second-hand smoke. However, as long as tobacco is legal, I can't condemn people for wanting to smoke. One reason I smoke cigars is because they present less of a hazard for getting lung cancer, and I have to question the wisdom of people who smoke cigarettes regularly for this reason. Many smokers enjoy tobacco for its calming effect, and many people believe that it helps to curb their appetite for food. Admittedly, the negative effects of tobacco far outweigh the positive, and its addictive quality is unquestioned, but like alcohol, it is a legal vice that many people continue to enjoy.

justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

#3: I would not go with this argument, because it is one that anyone who does anything illegal and harmful to others could use. For example, farmers of poppy in Afghanistan could say that banning opium could eliminate one of their only viable sources of income.

The argument should be more in line with a person's freedom to consume something that is not banned and the ill-effects of which are well known and are supposed to be displayed prominently on each pack of cigarettes. If a person would still like to endanger his life by using it they should be allowed to, though only in an area where they are alone.

#2: Cigars being less of a hazard than cigarettes is a myth. Though the fact that you only consume it responsibly(!) in a way does reduce the risks.

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Believe it or not, there are actually some medical reasonin favor of smoking. For example, a cigarette or two a day can be effective in releaving some of the symptoms of ulsterative collits, a form of irritable bowl syndrome (IBS). Of course, there are many more medical reason not to smoke, but if you are trying to look for support that might be a nice opposing argument. You can find some information on this at I can understand that supporting smoking would be a more difficult presentation perspective, but often the papers that take up the harder argument end up being better papers.
ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree that it is hard to support smoking. Giorgiana1976 makes a great point about all the health issues. I would like to point out the health risks for those exposed to second-hand smoke especially those who live in the same house as a smoker, especially the children of those smokers who  have no say as to whether they are the victims of second hand smoke or not. Have you ever ran a glass wipe over the inside of a smoker's car window? It comes away gray and grimey with the residue of smoke. Imagine the lungs of the children who have to live with smokers.

trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would have to say that a person is entitled to treat his body the way he wants to even if it means smoking cigarettes. I guess it is similar to people who drink alcohol. It is not a beneficial substance to give to the body, but, people want to get drunk so they do it. I guess the more rights we take away from people, the less personal freedoms they have. Hopefully, if they are also educated, then perhaps they may think twice about smoking, due to its negative effects on health.

stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To support smoking, I would have to approach the debate on behalf of those whose livelihoods are based on growing tobacco and production and/or sales of cigarettes.  Reduction in the number of people who smoke would impact the income level of those people employed in the "smoking industry" through no fault of their own.  An argument could be made that this negative economic result for those individuals might be a justification for supporting smoking.

alexb2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Smoking tobacco is not illegal, and in a free society that which is not prohibited should be to individuals to decide how they would like to approach it.

There are a number of things which are potentially hazardous for your health which are not illegal that people can chose to do or not do, such as eating junk food, over eating, sky-diving, race car driving, etc.

lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would add to the economic argument by discussing how much revenue in sales tax is generated from cigarettes.  Most states levie a very high tax on cigarettes and alcohol because these products are considered non-essential/luxury products which can generate a lot of revenue for state supported programs.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the only real way to support it is based on the idea of personal freedom.  If you want to do something that is harmful, but which only harms you, then there is no reason not to.  It is your body and you should have the freedom to abuse it if you like.

imperialemperor | Student

I support smoking and no I don't believe smoking the tobacco plate cause's cancer or is bad for your health because a while back yahoo done a story about a island full of heavy smokers and non of them had cancer or any health problems witch proves it's not smoking tobacco that causing cancer or any other health problem it all the chemicals they use to grow food and tobacco and everything else and also all the chemicals they feed to animals to make grow faster is what causing all the problems          

atyourservice | Student

I would argue that a people who smoke help give jobs to tobacco workers and people who work in the cigarette making factory.

kevin0001 | Student

Smoking is a very bad habit and damages your health. Therefore, there are very few things that can be used to support smoking and a lot of things to show that smoking is bad for your health. The few things to support smoking are that there is no law saying that smoking is illegal, and that it can relax and calm a person down when there is stress. The bad things are that smoking is bad for your health and lungs. 

crystaltu001 | Student

I think that smoking is a really bad thing for you but in some cases it is good for people. Smoking can sometimes relieve stress and can sometimes relax you or your body. But overall smoking is a really bad thing because it makes you age fast and it makes your skin bad.

personally i think smoking is really bad for you so it would be hard to defend because medical reasons, however you could say that it takes stress off your back, and that it has a pleasuring effect on your body, that it relaxes you, etc...

bstout138852 | Student

i personally dont like smoking or the smell of the smoke like the cigerette smoke but i do understand both sides of the argument i have people in my family that smoke but i always try and convince them not to cuz its really bad for people and can do horrible stuff to ur lungs.teeth.and fingernails but i also see there point of view because it is a hard habit to quit but i believe as long as they really want to they can

jarcher697 | Student

The only benefits i could see personaly are social because regardless as to weither its good or not for health it is something people can bond over at breaks

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bobulochycork | Student

and as u can see i suck at spelling :P

bobulochycork | Student

not everyone has the same chioce to smoak or not.

like me, yes i smoak, my father smoaked around me through out my child hood and it just cought on to me.

i hate the fact that i smoak, and i wish it was easy to quit, but the harsh reality of it is that it never easy

nabila25 | Student

I never support smoking. What is the need for smoking? I don't smoke and am i not alive? Smokers believe that it will give them energy to work long. It is ridiculous to increase energy by damaging the health. Tea can also increase energy. So why they don't drink tea instead of smoking ?

you are an adolescent  but you speak  about smoking as an adult very good my brother

nabila25 | Student

the smoking damages health and increase deseases.

saffia | Student

I think smaoking is disgusting and i hate being around people who are smoking. I dont understand how people would want to lead themselves into and early death. It kills 100s of 1000s of people each year and i think it should be treated alot more seriously than it is today. Some young people who smoke dont know the risks properly and I think cigarettes and cigars should only be sold with ID or not sold at all. I wish the government would take more action against smaoking and make it stop because at the moment, we have uneccesary deaths all around the world.

geek10 | Student

I'm with Tonay Sarkar.I will never support smoking in my life.People find smoking as relaxing or see it as a hobby but they never realize that when they smoke,they ruin their own life plus the life of others around them.Wheather they want to die or not is their wish, but what about the others?What harm have they done?Just because a person is smoking it doesnt mean that the others should not stay near them.

Smoking is also affecting the earth by contributing towards the global warming.It's high time people start realizing this and try to control themselves!!

tonaysarkar | Student

I never support smoking. What is the need for smoking? I don't smoke and am i not alive? Smokers believe that it will give them energy to work long. It is ridiculous to increase energy by damaging the health. Tea can also increase energy. So why they don't drink tea instead of smoking ?

giorgiana1976 | Student

Smoking has been shown by manufacturers of tobacco as a habit that can bring many advantages: success, confidence, strength, attractiveness, acceptance from others. In reality, smoking leads to disease, premature death and sexual problems.

Tobacco kills 50% of people who smoke all their lives. Half of them die prematurely, between 35 and 69 years. No other product,voluntarily consumed, is more dangerous than tobacco. Tobacco makes more victims than AIDS, drugs, road accidents, crime and suicide attempts in one place.

So, someone has to be either irresponsible, or inhuman, to support smoking in a discussion.