Slow cab taxi charges $1.75 flat rate in addition to $0.65 per mile. Sheena has no more than $10 to spend on a ride.  Write a linear equation to represent this situation.

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Denote the number of miles ridden as `x.` Then $0.65 per mile means that the price will be `0.65*x` for a mileage and the total price including flat rate will be


If Sheena want to spend all her $10, we obtain a linear equation


This is the answer.


It is simple to solve it: subtract 1.75 from the both sides and obtain


then divide both sides by 0.65 and obtain the solution

`x=8.25/0.65 approx 12.7` (miles).


Actually, the text of the problem gives us a linear inequality,


because "Sheena has no more than $10 to spend on a ride."

The solution for this inequality is `xlt=12.7.`

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