Slope Problem? A highway in a mountainous region climbs from a river towards a pass before dropping down into the next valley. After leaving the Bridge (El. 1,487.64m) , the highway extends 435m while rising at a constant inclination of 4.81% followed by 2840. at an average slope of 3.30% upwards and than up at a constant slope of 6.85% for 177m. Finally the highway rises at 4.47% for 928m. (All distances are provided as horizantal distnaces) What is the Elevation at the end of this section of a highway?? Please Present the final answer in the form of a table!

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There are four distinct legs to the climb:

(1) Beginning elevation is 1487.64m

(2) Travel horizontal distance of 435m at a 4.81% grade. To find the height climbed we have `4.81/100=h/435==>h=20.92m`

(3) The next leg we travel horizontally 2840m with a 3.3% grade. The height climbed on this leg is found by `3.3/100=h/2840==>h=93.72m`

(4) The next leg we travel 177m at a 6.85% grade. The change in height is found by `6.85/100=h/177==>h=12.12m`

(5) The final leg we travel 928m horizontally at a 4.47% grade. The change in height is `4.47/100=h/928==>h=41.48m`

The total change in height is 20.92+93.72+12.12+41.48=168.24m

So the final elevation is 1487.64+168.24=1655.88m

Leg                           Elevation(m):
----                         ------------
Initial elevation            1487.64
Leg 1                         1508.56
Leg 2                         1602.28
Leg 3                         1614.40
Leg 4                         1655.88

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