Slope of -3x+4y=-48.

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To find the slope of the given line `-3x+4y=-48` , rearrange and write the equation of the straight line in slope-intercept form i.e. `y=mx+b` where `m` is the slope of the line. So,


`rArr 4y=3x-48`

Dividing both sides by 4 we get:


Comparing with the slope intercept form of the straight line, the slope of the given line,`m=3/4=0.75`

Therefore, the slope of the line `-3x+4y=-48` is `3/4` or 0.75.

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The slope intercept form of the equation of any line is y = mx + c where m is the slope and c is the y-intercept.

To determine the slope of -3x+4y=-48, it needs to be rewritten in the slope-intercept form.


4y = -48 + 3x

y = (3x)/4 - 48/4

y = (3/4)*x - 12

The slope of this line is 3/4

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To get the slope you have to change your equation to the standard equation of a line: y=mx+b. 






Your slope would be m, or the coefficient in front of x. This makes the slope 3/4. 

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