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A sled is being pulled to the left by 5 dogs, each dog pulling with 6 Newtons of force. Find the net force. Is the net force 30N to the left?

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No, the answer would not be 30, it would not be multiplied. In this equation, each dog is independent of the others. If each dog pushes the sled at  6 Newtons, you would merely add the forces together. (Five dogs, 6 Newtons each is 5+6=11) In this case, it would be 11 Newtons. The link below should help explain it a bit. Because all dogs are moving in the same direction, they complement each other. If any of the dogs were moving in the other direction, you would have to cancel out and subract.

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The direction of each forces is left and the manitude of each force is given.( But about the drection saying just left is not very much exact.) . Assuming that all forces are in the same direction , that is, exactly 90 degrees left, we can add up the forces in the same direction and the resultant  force is 5*6 N = 30 newtons force exerting on the sled towards left directionand that is the maximum possible net force.If the angles of direction of forces are different then the net forces would be found out by the law of parallelogram for forces.

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yes the net force wouold be 30 because if there is five dogs and each are pulling at a foce of 6 newtons then the force would be 6+6+6+6+6=30 N.