skin colorare you agree with the statement that skin color tells how healthy a person is?

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No.  For example, a person who is supposed to be white but who goes out in the sun a lot might look nice and tan and healthy.  But all that exposure to the sun might be making them more likely to develop skin cancer.  So I don't think that you can just look at the skin and know how healthy someone is.

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We know the fact that people who have more blood and oxygen as components of the skin, look more healthy.

On the other hand, a golden skin  can be explained by the contribution of pigments that we get from fruits and vegetables. They are powerful antioxidants that absorb the dangerous components, when our body is fighting against an illness. They are also important for our immune system and reproductive system and they may help to combat cancer.

These pigments are the same diet pigments  that color the bodies of the birds and fishes.  Thus, they present their degree of health and their availability for mating.

Experts believe that similar biological mechanisms may be valid in humans.



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