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Rosalind is one of the most charming heroines of Shakespearan plays. The whole play AS YOU LIKE IT is centred around her and Ruskin rightly remarked Shakespeare has no heroes,but only heroines.What makes Rosalind immortal is her

1.FASCINATING PERSONALITY:Rosalind's fascinating personality is revealed through what she tells others,her sparkling wit and unfading charm.

2.FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH CELIA:Rosalind's love for Celia isdeep,sincere and true.She expresses her true love when she allows Celia to come with her even after her father is made duke.

3.PATIENCE AND ENDURANCE:Rosalind continues to live in the palace even after her fatheris banished bearing all hardships and patiently endures all the ill treatments of her uncle.

4.ROLE AS GANYMEDE:Rosalind's role as Ganymede will keep her in our minds for centuries to come.She donnedthe role of the hero and gave the epliogue,thus showing the power and depth of her character.

5.NATURAL GAIETY AND VIVACITY:Rosalind is introduced in a state of melancholy at the beginning.she appears to be a meek , submissive creature.however as soon as she reaches the forest of arden she is transformed into a merry,talkative Rosalind.

6.ESSENTIAL FEMINITY:Rosalind even though in a man's apparel is essentially feminine.She has a woman's admiration for Orlando.She even swoons when she hears about Orlando being wounded.She also took pleasure in courting ,wooing and even mockingly marrying Orlando without him knowing it was her in a man's outfit.

7.SELF-DEFENCE AGAINST FREDERICK'S ACCUSATIONS:At the beginning of the play Rosalind is calm and quiet.However when duke Frederick decides to banish her from his court her disposition changes.She also told it was not her father who was a traitor and treason was not something that was inherited.

8.SPARKLING WIT AND LOVE OF INTRIGUE:Rosalind  displays her sparkling wit as well as her love of intrigue as soon as she enters the forest of arden.She is never at loss  for a retort(a quick humorous reply)or a repartee(quick amusing comment)in her conversation with Tochstone and Orlando.

9.COMMON SENSE AND INGENUITY:Under the lightness of her heart and apparent recklessness,there lies a bundle of sound common sense in Rosalind.She has no sympathy for jaques nor for phebe. She gives Orlando lessons inprudence derived from her own observation of the world.she shows her ingenuity when she tells Orlando she had learned magic from her uncle and could cure him of his love sickness.Orlando and duke senior partially believe her.

Rosalind is indeed a strong character and is  perphaps the best creation of shakespeare's.


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