Sketch the character of bhusan saha in the story 'the lost jewels' by rabindranath tagore.

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        Bhushan Saha was a very educated and modernised man. A proper gentle man and also very rich as he inherited a large property and the business of his uncle. he spoke fluent english and conversed with the Britishers without any difficulty.he was so westernised thar he entered the sahibs' offices withe his shoes on.

         He  had a beautiful wife and used to get higher education in college. his ways of living were unnecessarily extravagant. And so were his gifts for his wife Mani (Nitya Kali). He was too gentle and never said a bitter word to her. He bought her jewels and Dacca muslin saris even without her asking for them, as he thought that to be the best way to potray his love for her.

         Later in the story we see Bhushan Saha in great trouble and need of money. He goes to his wife asks gently if she could lend him her jewels for sometime. He asks from his wife for something that he has full right on. Even though he was hurt , he didn't shout at her for not being a dutiful wife. He didn't even bother to ask her twice.

         His wife having o faith in him runs away from the house along with her Jewels, on advice of her cousin Madhu. On hearing this, instead of being angry,Bhushan was only distressed. He blamed himself and thought himself to b incapable of acquiring his wife's trust.

         When Bhushan had at last got the required loan, and was returning home, he had expected her to have returned back home after safely hidding her jewels in her fathers house.
He was not angry at her nor was he hurt. He was returning home hoping his wife to feel guilty and yet in his heart he had already forgiven her.

          But she was nowhere to be found. He was heartbroken and lived more like a lifeless object hoping and praying that she would return. near the end of the story he allows his subconsciousness to be carried closer to his lost wife Mani.