Sketch the character of Hamlet, from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.  

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misslacey eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The character of Young Hamlet, in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, is a young student who returns home from college to learn that his uncle has murdered his father.

I would describe him as clever and loyal, yet overly emotional. Hamlet's emotions get in the way of his ability to act multiple times throughout the play. At other times, his emotions cause him to act out without consideration of the consequences, like when he kills Polonius, for example. He can be cruel at times, which is best shown through his treatment of Ophelia, who is portrayed as innocent and loving. In Act III, Scene i, Hamlet berates Ophelia, telling her, “Get thee to a nunnery.” He also loses his temper with his mother in Act III, Scene iv.

In short, he is loyal to his father, cynical about love and does not trust women, overly dramatic at times, and in constant battle with himself over whether or not to act. He is at times too afraid of the consequences to make a move, and at other moments, he acts out without thinking.

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