Prove the following situation:  "Animal Farm depcits political reality in a timeless and universal condition.  Thus, this can be true of the political system in any country."

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do think that there is much in way of relevance to the modern political setting that can be derived from Orwell's work.  I don't see it as something that only applies to Communist rule.  The first is that Orwell is very direct in how the lack of resistance and dissent from the animals on a mass and collective scale ends up emboldening the pigs and dogs.  The Status Quo benefits when the body politic is silent.  It is for this reason that Orwell constructs Benjamin in the manner he does.  The donkey only takes action when it is far too late, not raising a voice in dissent throughout, only to suggest that nothing done will accomplish anything.  To a great extent, this cynicism is seen in the modern political setting with low voter turnout and a continual disavowal of the political system by so many.  Another example of how Orwell's work proves to be relevant to the modern political system is how political power becomes the only currency of value on the farm.  Once Napoleon has established power, he clearly understand that the only element of value is not to lose it.  To this end, he becomes more concerned with his own political power and stature than anything related to Animalism.  Theory and ideology are distant in terms of recognizing that power and its consolidation become the only elements of value when discussing the nature of government.  This lack of self- sacrifice and preponderance of self- interest are both evident in the modern political system of today, reflecting once again how Orwell's work possesses much in way of timeless and universal connection to the modern political setting.