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What kind of imagery is used in Sir Thomas Wyatt's poem "And Wilt Thou Leave Me Thus"? Please examine the imagery in this poem?

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Imagery can be of two sorts: trope and scheme. Imagery refers to the word and phrase choices a writer makes to inspire mental pictures or visions of his poem or prose that make his work live in the reader's mind.

Trope based imagery is a means of turning a sensory impression, like the feel of a cold wind, into a concrete representation in words, which then recreate the sensory impression for the reader. The means of creating trope imagery are (1) individual words (e.g., cold; brisk), (2) phrases (e.g., an icy blast), or (3) figures of speech (i.e., [a] tropes like metaphor, simile, or personification and [b] schemes like parallelism or antithesis).  The categories of trope imagery match the senses: tactile for the sense of touch, olfactory for the sense of taste, aural for the sense of hearing, visual for the sense of sight, and gustatory for the sense of taste.

Scheme imagery also refers to the creation of mental pictures or visions through word choice. However, whereas trope imagery depends...

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