Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Questions and Answers
by Pearl-Poet

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Sir Gawain shows loyalty when he does what?

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The figure to whom Gawain shows perhaps the most loyalty is his God. Although he has a deep sense of loyalty to Arthur, his king, the Green Knight, his foe, as well as to Lord Bertilak, his host, Gawain faithfully relies on his religion and remains true to the tenets of that religion throughout the story.

Before he sets off in search of the Green Knight, he receives his symbolic shield with multiple Christian references that he looks to for comfort and inspiration. Throughout his travels, Gawain constantly shows devotion and loyalty through his prayers and faithfulness in attending Mass when he can. Once he is in Lord Bertilak's castle and faces temptation from the lord's wife, Gawain speaks of how only his loyalty to God could keep him from succumbing. Lastly, when he realizes his dishonesty to Lord Bertilak, he vows to wear the girdle as a form of religious penance.

Therefore, although Gawain demonstrates loyalty to various people throughout the story, the context and rationale for...

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brianvohden | Student

He also shows loyalty to the lord of the house when they exchange each day's hunts.