A sinusoidal wave traveling on a string has a period of 0.18 s, a wavelength of 31 cm, and an amplitude of 3.0 cm. What is the speed of this wave?a) 10 cm/s b) 17 cm/s c) 170 cm/s d) 340 cm/s

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The formula for the speed of a wave is:

`s = lambda/T`

where  `s` is the speed of the wave

          `lambda` is the wavelength

          `T ` is the period

Then, substitute the given values to the formula.

`s = lambda/T = 31/0.18 = 172.22` cm/s

Among the choices the nearest value is 170 cm/s.

Hence, the speed of the wave is (c.)170 cm/s.


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