In "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" what are Jonathan Edwards views of: God, Christ and Humanity?

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Edwards views of...

God: He is the ultimate power who has every right to hold man accountable for sin. Sin makes Him jealous and that causes His wrath. At Edwards' moment of writing, he viewed God as ready to allow His wrath to punish man at any moment. He articulated the power of God's wrath by comparing it to storms, arrows, and a powerful hand ready to drop man in the pit of Hell. God's primary role discussed in this sermon would be the Punisher.

Christ: Only cited in the very end, Christ is the means by which believers can be saved. His act of death on a cross paid for sin but Edwards encouraged that believers must accept that concept as truth and welcome the grace offered from his sacrificial gift. To complete the welcome, believers must reciprocate with obedience to the tenants of the bible. Christ's specific role is Savior.

Humanity: This lost group of people are incapable of saving themselves according to Edwards. He paints their rebellion to God as rampant. Man cannot attain heaven without Christ and must come to him. The role of man is God's creation and longed for worshippers.

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