Sing Down the Moon Questions and Answers
by Scott O'Dell, Odell Gabriel Scott

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Bright Morning must plan carefully to escape the town where she has been held as a slave. Describe the steps she took to be able to escape.

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Bright Morning must first figure out how to get to the church alone to meet Nehana, who will help her escape. She hides twenty tortillas to feed herself and her dog on the journey, and when it is time to help for supper, she feigns illness and takes to her bed. Later, when the household is busy, she gathers her tortillas, blanket, and dog, throws the blanket on top of the wall where broken glass has been placed to deter trespassers, climbs over with her dog, and runs to the church. Once she is at the church she follows Nehana's lead. A group called the Penitentes is commemorating the death of Christ at the church, and at a critical point in their ceremony, when emotions are at a height and all is darkness, the girls steal three of their horses and make their escape.

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