Since some cities are on the same latitude, explain the difference in temperature for the cities.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although latitude does play a major role in determining what kind of climate a certain place will have, there are many other factors that will play a part as well.  Here are a couple of major factors that can make cities at similar latitudes have very different weather.

First, cities that are near oceans will surely have very different weather than cities that are far inland.  In general, their weather will experience fewer extremes of temperature.

Second, the elevation of a city matters a great deal.  A city at a higher elevation will, for example, be colder in winter than a city at sea level.

lit24 | Student

Latitude indeed is a very important factor which determines the temperature of a city. Cities which are on the same latitude and closer to the Equator will be warmer than cities on the same latitude and closer to the poles.

However, it is not only the latitude which determines the temperature and the climatic conditions of a city. The other important factors which determine the temperature of a city are:

1. The temperature of two cities although lying on the same latitude will vary if one of them is on a sea coast, because cities close to the sea or ocean will enjoy a more equable climate. The city which is inland and far from the sea or ocean will experience extremes in temperature.

2. The temperature of two cities although lying on the same latitude will vary if one of them is at a higher altitude than the other. The city at a higher altitude will be colder than the city on a lower altitude.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Latitude of a place such as a city has major influence on the average temperature of a place. But there are may other factors that influence the temperatures. Some of these factors include the following.

  • Altitude of the place above  the sea level. Places with higher altitudes have lower average temperature. This is the reason why, the peaks of the highest mountains in the world are always covered with snow and ice.
  • Proximity of large water bodies such as sea, lakes and rivers. These tend to reduce the extremities of temperature.
  • Presence of forest and other green cover. Such green cover absorbs sunlight and therefore lowers the temperature.
  • Barriers such as mountain ranges that restrict the flow of winds from other regions.
  • Proximity to ocean current that have temperature different from the surrounding water.
  • Nature of soil. This affect the rate of absorption and release of heat by the soil.
  • Presence of industrial or other human activities in the area that releases heat in the environment.

Because of the factors like the ones cited above, cities at the same latitude may have different temperatures.

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