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English is my first study choice to pursue in college. Mathematics and science are not fit for me. I need some good career options related to English. Can anyone help me out?

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In high school, math and science were not my strongest subjects, and I also loved, and therefore pursued a course of study in English when I went to college. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that many Enotes editors are in a similar position. I think most of us would agree that majoring in English or any of the other liberal arts, does not necessarily reduce your career options, but certainly reduces your likelihood of securing a career quickly upon college graduation.

The sad fact of the matter is that we live in one of the most difficult times, economically, for getting into a successful career. That said, you still have options.

One of the most common careers for those who love English and literature is, naturally, to become a teacher. If this is something you can imagine yourself doing, I encourage you to major in education and minorin English. Unless you are willing to go to one of the most difficult school districts in the nation, it is very difficult to get a teaching job without a teaching licence. Unfortunately, mastering a subject isn't quite enough to get a teacher's licence in most states. You must take the required education courses.

Another option is to consider graduate school. It might sound premature, but if graduate school is a possibility for you, my best advice is to start deciding now what you want and where you might go. Your college grades will highly affect your chances of acceptance into a graduate program. Also, begin forming close and personal relationships with your professors early in your college career. These men and women will become your most valuable resources and referal sources into graduate programs. A course of study in English naturally lends itself to a graduate pursuit of law, a Masters degree in English (or education), or even a doctoral degree that would set you up to potentially become a college professor.

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