sin^2x/1-cosx = 1+cosxSolve equation to make one side equal to the other (Ls=rs) 

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Givnen the equality":

(sin^2 x)/(1-cosx)= 1+cosx

We need proven the identity.

We know that:

sin^2 x + cos^2 x = 1

==> sin^2 x = 1- cos^2 x

==> (1-cos^2 x)/(1-cosx)

We also can factor (1-cos^2 x) as (1-cosx)(1+cosx)

==> ((1-cosx)(1+cosx))/(1-cosx)

Now we will reduce similar terms.

==> 1+cosx = 1+ cosx

==> Ls = Rs.


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