`(sin^2theta)/(1+cos theta)=1` What are the values of `theta` in the interval below that satisfy the equation? `0<=theta<=360`  

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Solve `(sin^2theta)/(1+costheta)=1` for `0<=theta<=360^@` :


`sin^2theta=1+costheta` Use the Pythagorean relationship





`costheta=-1==>theta=180^@` but this is extraneous -- the fraction is undefined at `theta=180^@`


The solutions are `theta=90^@,270^@`


The graph of `y=(sin^2theta)/(1+costheta)` and y=1:

**The graph is in radians so `theta=pi/2,(3pi)/2` **

*** Sorry about the costhheta -- it will not let me correct them. Hover over them and you will see that they are typed in correctly.

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