Simplify. Remove grouping symbols and combine like terms. A) `2[5(x+y)-2(3x-4y)]` B) `6x-3(x-2y)`

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To simplify expressions with nested parenthesis, start at the innermost expression.

Remove the parenthesis inside the bracket. To do so, distribute 5 to x+y and -2 to 3x-4y.


Combine like terms.



And distribute 2 to 13y-x.

`=26y - 2x`

Hence, `2[5(x+y)-2(3x-4y)]=26y-2x` .



To simplify, remove the parenthesis by distributing -3 to x-2y.


And, combine like terms.


Hence, `6x-3(x-2y)=3x+6y` .

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