Simplify 2(5(x+y)-2(3x+y)) and 5(3a-2a(3a+6b)+6a^2)

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The expressions 2(5(x+y)-2(3x+y)) and 5(3a-2a(3a+6b)+6a^2) have to be simplified.


= 2(5x+5y-6x-2y)

= 2(-x+3y)

= -2x + 6y


= 5(3a-6a^2 - 12ab +6a^2)

= 5(3a - 12ab)

= 15a - 60ab

The simplified form of 2(5(x+y)-2(3x+y)) = -2x + 6y and 5(3a-2a(3a+6b)+6a^2)= 15a - 60ab

atyourservice | Student

`2(5(x+y)-2(3x+y)) `  distribute the numbers outside of the parenthesis

`2(5x+5y-6x-2y) `   multiply the number inside by 2 or you can add like terms then multiply by 2

`(10x+10y-12x-4y)`    `(10x-12x+10y-4y)`   -2x+6y

do the same thing here



`5(3a-6a^2+6a^2-12ba) `         `5(3a-12ba) `     15a-60ba

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