Simplify.Remove grouping symbols and combine like terms.  B) -3(x+3y)+2(2x+y)   A) 6x-3(x-2y)

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Simplify: -3(x +3y) + 2(2x+y)

Distribute the -3 between both terms in the brackets and the same with the 2 and the second bracket:

x(-3) + 3y(-3) + 2x(2) +y(2)

=-3x -9y +4x+2y Now group the like terms together

=  -3x +4x -9y +2y

= x-7y

The eNotes rules do not allow me to answer both questions. Please post your other question separately or follow the principles applied here to answer the other question.

`therefore` -3(x +3y) + 2(2x+y)

= x-7y


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-3(x+3y)+2(2x+y)  distribute the numbers outside to  the numbers inside the parentheses

-3x-9y+4x+2y  then combine like terms




6x-3x+6y  combine like terms