Simplify the ratio? 8: 3/4Show full working out and eplain the steps to how you got the answer.

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The ratio given is 8:(3/4).

Normally the ratio i in the simplest form is in lowest possible integer form.

A ratio is same if we multiply or divide its(ratio's) ordered pair of numbers by an equal number (but never by zero).

Therefore we multiply , by 4 here:

8*4  : (3/4)*4

32 : 3. The new form but still  ratio is  same or in equivalent form. It is not different  in value from the given ratio. Only physical form of look of the ratio  has become different.

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You have to simplify 8: (3/4)

Now 8: (3/4) is the same as 8/(3/4). Here 8 is the numerator and 3/4 is the denominator.

First multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 4

=> 8*4 / (3*4/4)


=> 32 / 3

We cannot do anything more now.

So the ratio 8 : 3/4 is the same as 32 : 3.

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