Simplify a) and b). Round your answer to c) properly to four decimal places. Use the ^ symbol to indicate exponents where necessary  a)(t^6)^(1/2) b)(n^0.5)^(8) c)o.65^(-1/2)

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baxthum8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator


a)  `(t^6)^(1/2)`

Raising a power to anoher power, multiply the powers together.


The solution for a is `t^3.`

b)  `(n^0.5)^8`

Using the same rule, yields, `n^(0.5*8)`

The solution for b is `n^4.`

c)  `0.65^(-1/2)`



`1/(sqrt(.65))` = `1.2403`

The solution to c is 1.2403

aruv | Student

a. `(t^6)^(1/2)=t^(6xx1/2)=t^(3)`



b. `(n^0.5)^8=n^(0.5xx8)=n^4`

`` c.   `0.65^(-1/2)=1/(.65^(1/2))`