Simplify.   2y/4y-5 - 6y/8y-10

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violy eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I suppose its: 

`(2y)/(4y-5) - (6y)/(8y - 10)`

We can factor the 8y - 10 as 2(4y - 5). 

We will have:

`(2y)/(4y - 5) - (6y)/(2(4y-5))`

Hence, the lcd = 2(4y - 5). 

Multiply the top and bottom of the first expression by 2. 

We will have:

`(4y)/(2(4y-5)) - (6y)/(2(4y - 5))`

Combine like terms we will have: 


Cancelling out the 2's on top and bottom: 

The final answer will be: -y/(4y - 5)


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