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Simplify:   `2a-(1/3)a^2+5a+(1/9)a` Leave in factored form.                                                                      

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`2a -(1/3)a^2 +5a +(1/9)a`

`2a -a^2/3 + 5a + a/9`

Combine like terms.

`7a - a^2/3 +a/9`

Remember in order to add fractions, the denominators must be equal.

Here, the least common denominator is 9. Complete the multiplication to get 9 in each denominator.

`(9/9) ((7a)/1) - (a^2/3) (3/3)+ a/9`

`(63a)/9 - (3a^2)/9 +a/9`

`(63a-3a^2 +a)/9`


`(-3a^2 +64a)/9`


The solution is:


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