In simple terms, what are the primary concerns of nineteenth-century Romantic poets and nineteenth century Victorian poets?

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The many thousands of poets writing over a period of almost a century have a wide range of themes and interests. Some of the more common themes in writing during the period were:

Nature: The Romantic poets were known for portraying the beauties of nature, and especially of wild, untamed scenery such as the Alps and Lake District.

Rural or Peasant Life: Again a favorite of the Romantics. Wordsworh especially writes in a pastoral tradition.

Love: A typical theme of poetry of all ages, love is equally commonly written about in this period. Both Romantics and Victorians addressed themes of unrequited love. 

Classical Themes: Both Romantic and Victorian poets wrote about classical Greek and Roman legends and artifacts. Tennyson especially wrote many poems based on Homer.

Medieval Themes: The Romantics were responsible for a revival of interest in the Gothic, and in traditional ballads. They wrote on Scottish themes and imitated border ballads.

Dramatic monologues: This poetic technique was developed in the Victorian period. In the dramatic monologue, the narrator reveals his or her own thoughts, feelings and character.


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