Simpify The square root of -144

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first thing to do is to convert the negative so that we can find the square root of 144

`therefore sqrt(-144) = sqrt(-1 times 144)`

As `sqrt(-1) = i`

`therefore sqrt(-144) = isqrt(144)`

144 is a square number (12 x 12) 

`therefore = i sqrt(12 times 12)`  Note:`sqrt(12 times 12) = 12`  

`therefore = 12 i`

Ans: The square root of -144 = 12i

aruv | Student

Let number be x ,whose square be -144 i.e.

`x^2=-144=-1xx144=i^2xx144` ,where  `i^2=-1`





taangerine | Student

Since it is negative, there will be an i in the answer. 144 is a perfect square for 12. Therefore the answer is -12. 

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atyourservice | Student

the square root of 144 is 12 but because it is -144 the 12 will have to be a complex number therefore imaginary.

so `sqrt(-144)=12i`

zumba96 | Student

The square root of -144