Does the poet use similies, metaphors, symbols or personification in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

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There are a number of beautiful similes and metaphors in "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," and Coleridge also uses the devices of symbolism and personification

Here is a list of some similes (line number follows each):

"red as a rose is she" (34)

"as who pursued with yell and blow/ Still treads the shadow of his foe" (46-47)

"as green as emerald" (54)

"like noises in a swound" (62)

"as if it had been a Christian soul" (65)

"like God's own head" (97)

"as idle as a painted ship/ upon a painted ocean" 117-118)

"like a witch's oils" (129)

"like restless gossameres" (184)

"as through a grate" (186)

"as white as leprosy" (192) 

"fear at my heart, as at a cup, / my life-blood seemed to sip" (204)

"like the whizz of my cross-bow" (223)

"as is the ribbed sea-sand" (227)

"as dry as dust" (247)

"like April hoar-frost spread" (268)

"like lifeless tools" (339)

"like a pawing horse let go" (389)

"clear as glass" (472)

"like music on my heart" (499)

"like one that hath been seven days drowned / My body lay afloat" (552)

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