What are all the similarties & differences Changez tells to the American about Pakistan and America? 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Changez is more explicit about the differences between both worlds when he speaks with the American.  This is because he is at a certain point in his experience where his identity as a "fundamentalist" compels him to continually point out differences between Pakistan and America.  One significant difference is that Changez believes that America has adopted a nostalgic posture to the past which makes it believe itself to be inherently superior to other nations.  Changez believes that Pakistan does not possess this quality, making itself more likely to experience intimidation at the hands of America.  Changez believes that the "war on terror" is a pretense for American domination of the world and nations like Pakistan. These nations are punished for speaking out against nations as "powerful" as America.  One of the reasons Changez points out that he was imprisoned was because for teaching and preaching this idea to his students.  In these ways, Changez points out to the American what is fundamentally different between both nations.

While he might never admit they are similar to one another, Changez's experiences demonstrates how nations in the modern setting are able to convince young people of the authenticity in their agendas.  America is able to convince young people that it knows right and can carry itself in an authoritative manner around the world. Pakistan is able to convince young people like Changez that there is a fight to be waged and they are the soldiers in this fight.  Changez has been on both sides, been a soldier for both nations.  In the end, this becomes one of the similarities between both nations that casts an impact on his being in the world.