Compare And Contrast Romeo And Paris

Similarities and differences between Romeo and Paris.

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The most obvious similarity is that they are both self-centred. Romeo is more in love with love than he is with either of the women he falls for. Paris is so intent on having Juliet that he doesn't care if he harms her or not. (Capulet, who knows from experience, tells Paris that Juliet is too young and that she hasn't had time to "ripen". Paris responds not by agreeing to wait, but by insisting that girls younger than her have been happily made mothers. Like Romeo, Paris is also so eager to marry that he is willing to rush through without any courtship (another indication that neither of them care very much about the woman--girl--involved). Both Romeo and Paris appear to be or are described as somewhat changeable--Romeo leaps from one girl to the next in a matter of hours and Paris is described as a "man of wax". Being a "man of wax" suggests he may be a superficial beauty without serious substance (of course this assessment does come from the Nurse...)Romeo is also wax-like (unless you see him as changing and becoming solid when he meets Juliet).

As for differences...well, Romeo is young while Paris is old (closer to Juliet's mother's age). Juliet may be almost a bud, Romeo is budding, but Paris is in full bloom, a summer flower. Paris is established and Romeo is not. Paris has Capulet's (eventual) consent while Romeo most certainly does not. Paris is well liked by Juliet's mother and is described as a book to be read and find beauty in while Romeo's only reference to a book is in the way he kisses (by the book).