What are some similarities and differences between the short stories, The Story of an Hour and The Interlopers? I'm stuck.

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the major similarities is the way that the conclusion serves to dash the awakening that the characters have gone through. In "The Interlopers," Ulrich and Georg have finally been able to get past the completely irrational hatred they had for each other and have now promised to save each other if their retainers arrive to save them from their predicament. This new-found good will is exhilarating and leads to a very hopeful and positive tone when they believe their men are coming through the woods. Of course then they learn that it isn't their men but wolves and their hopes are dashed.

So too Louise's realization that she is sad her husband is gone but that she is also overjoyed at the possibility of freedom to pursue her own interests and be free from what had become a burdensome relationship is utterly dashed when her husband walks in the door. That similar atmosphere of awakening hope is dashed and she dies from the shock and the crushing of that awakening represented by the return of her husband.

Differences of course include the setting, the characters, the actual "resolution" but the way the rising action is structured and the hope and positivity that Louise and both Georg and Ulrich feel is a similar element, similarly crushed by the unexpected twist in the ending.

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