What are similarities and differences between an immanence religion and Sikhism?

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One example of an immanence religion is Christianity. While Christianity teaches that God cannot be seen or approached, through God's incarnation as Jesus Christ, a man who is both fully God and fully man, God becomes immanent, meaning an inherent presence among man. Christianity also teaches that God is immanent through the Holy Spirit, which acts as an ever-present manifestation of God.

Sikhism, on the other hand, teaches that while God would never incarnate human form, He is immanent through his presence in the world. In this way their belief in an immanent god is comparable to the Christian belief in the Holy Spirit. As Guru Arjan, Nanak V once said, "God is beyond colour and form, yet His/Her presence is clearly visible" ("Sikhism," fantastico.herobo.com).

Another similarity between Sikhism and Christianity is that both teach that there is only one God and that salvation is the mergence of the soul with God, which is achieved through an honest and sin-free life.

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