Identify significant differences between "The Lottery"and "The Possibility of Evil." 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question had to be edited down.  One particular difference between both stories is that the role of the community is portrayed differently.  In "The Lottery," the community is shown to be a force of terror.  The community is responsible for the perpetration of evil, in this case with Tessie.  The community's tradition of stoning an individual is reflective of this terror.  The agent of action in such destruction is the community.

In "The Possibility of Evil," it is the individual that is responsible for social destruction.  Miss Strangeworth is a "one woman wrecking crew" of the social fabric.  In a way, she terrorizes the community.  No one else can do what she does.  The community is one in which individuals are on their own, except for Miss Strangeworth's intrusiveness.  In this narrative, the individual, not the community, is responsible for the terror in the community.  Both works detail how the destruction of the social fabric is a part of the small town experience.  Yet, in each, the agents of action for this destruction differs.