What are similarities and differences between our society and that depicted in 1984 by George Orwell?    

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The way one answers this question could depend a lot on their political views. Many people might argue, for example, that the creation of government bureaucracy and the expansion of government power in the United States create a slippery slope toward the kind of totalitarian society depicted by Orwell. Others have noted a similarity between the euphemistic language used in business and other institutions and Newspeak. But these are highly debatable propositions. In general, one intriguing possible similarity might be the role of technology, which is almost ubiquitous in 1984. The two-way telescreens in 1984 would have been extremely far-fetched in Orwell's time, but not today. Orwell's vision of how people could be led by leaders who understood how to manipulate their most basic urges remains relevant as a warning, but not necessarily (as yet, anyway) as a prophecy.

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