Please describe some similarities and differences between King Lear and Gloucester in King Lear by Shakespeare.    

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Lear and Gloucester are both very similar in that they are betrayed and stripped of power by their children. Both wander as outcasts after having been powerful and high status people.

A chief difference is that Lear willingly gives away most of his power to his two eldest daughters based on their empty words. He has been in charge and deferred to for so long that it never occurs to him that this situation could end—it seems as natural as the sun rising in the dawn. As his Fool points out to Lear after he divides his kingdom, he is a bigger fool than the Fool himself. With his eyes open (if not seeing), Lear create the situation that puts him in his daughters' power.

Gloucester, in contrast, is manipulated by Edmund without any realization of what is going on until it is too late. He does not put willingly power into this...

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