What are some similarities between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity?

Expert Answers
djbutler241 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are three of the world's major religions. The largest similarity between these three religions is that they are all monotheistic. This means that each of these religions believes that there is only one God. Another similarity is that each religion has a holy book from which they read. In Christianity, this book is the Holy Bible. In Judaism, it is the Hebrew Tanahk and in Islam it is the Koran. These religions also all believe in Jesus Christ, but the ways in which they view him are different. Only Christianity believes Jesus to be divine, but the other two religions do acknowledge his existence. Similarly, Christianity is the only religion that believes that Jesus was crucified for humanity's sins, whereas Judaism also believes he was crucified, but for claiming to be divine, and Islam does not believe he was crucified at all. Lastly, they all believe in some sort of hell for sinners. The beliefs vary, but there is an overall belief that people are punished in the afterlife for sins committed while alive.