In The Silver Sword, who gave Jan the wooden box with his name burned into it?

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It is Ivan, the Russian sentry, who gives Jan the wooden box. Earlier on, the two got into a scuffle. After his traumatic experiences with the Germans, Jan is distrustful of anyone in a uniform. So, when he sees Ivan, he feels threatened by him and attacks him with a knife. In the ensuing skirmish, Jan's prized wooden box is broken. Ivan offers to repair it for him, but Jan's not interested. Nevertheless, the Russian sentry makes Jan a brand-new box with his name on it, although Jan, still distrustful of Ivan, refuses to thank him for it.

However, later, Ruth makes him say thank you and, for good measure, forces him to apologize to Ivan for attacking him earlier. After a whole week, Jan finally swallows his pride and thanks Ivan for his thoughtful gift; he also apologizes to him. As a token of his newfound gratitude, he reaches into the box and gives Ivan one of his treasures: a dead lizard.

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Jan received the new wooden box from Ivan, a Russian soldier who worked at a command post in Warsaw. Ruth took Jan in after she found him in a desperate state. Jan introduced himself and Ruth helped him recuperate in the shelter. Jan later met Ivan, who was delivering supplies for the children. He confronted the soldier because of his hatred towards them. A scuffle ensued between Jan and Ivan and after Ruth calmed Jan down the boy noticed that his wooden box was broken in the brawl. Ivan delivered the supplies and informed Ruth of Edek, who was held in Posen. The children decided to travel to Posen to locate Edek. Ivan provided them with shoes and gave Jan a new wooden box that he had made to replace the broken one.

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