In Silas Marner, what hold does Dunstan have over Godfrey Cass? How does he use this hold?  

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In the novel, Dunstan holds Godfrey's secret marriage to Molly Farren (an opium addict) over his head. As the only one with full knowledge of Godfrey's unsavory connection to Molly, Dunstan is able to blackmail Godfrey into doing his bidding whenever he likes. If Godfrey so much as balks at anything Dunstan wants done, the latter just resorts to the time-tested threat of exposing the secret marriage to their father, Squire Cass.

For his part, Godfrey is intent upon preserving his reputation above all else; after all, he has his eyes on the beauteous Nancy Lammeter, and his goal is to eventually make her his wife. So, his...

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