What are some ideas from Eppie's first person point of view on what Eppie will think when she fully comprehends that Silas is not her real father in Silas Marner? 

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, when writing from the perspective of Eppie when she learns that Godfrey Cass is her true father, the student will want to strive to retain verisimilitude in her thoughts. For instance, in such chapters as XVI, it is apparent how much the eighteen-year-old Eppie loves Silas, whom she considers her father.  Also, keeping in mind that Eppie has heard the tale of how his friend and the community drew lots and turned against in his youth, it will be very difficutl for Eppie to hurt Silas. 

Actually, once Eppie is older, she is already aware that Silas is not her father. For, as living in "perfect love" with Eppie, he has been moved to relate his past and how lonely he was until she came to him.

Now that she was grown up, Silas had often been led, in those moments of quiet outpouring which come to people who live together in perfect love, to talk with her too of the past, and how and why he had lived a lonely man until she had been sent to him. For it would have been impossible for him to hide from Eppie that she was not his own child....

So, when Godfrey Cass tells her that he is her real father, she is not receptive to the idea. An examination of Chapter XIX will refresh the student's memory of her reactions and words after witnessing the dialogue between Cass and Marner.

Here are some points to include in her reflections after meeting Godfrey Cass:

  • If I should leave this life, what past will I have? Who will I be, then?
  • Aaron and I love each other. How could I marry him if I change my life and become a lady?
  • What would become of my father Silas? This would be the loss of his second "gold." He has told me repeatedly how my coming saved him, and he was in distress when Mr. Cass spoke to him about taking me. He has said that he had nobody in the world until I came to him.
  • Father is right is saying "God gave her to me." Who am I to change what the Lord has set?
  • Why does Mr. Cass have any claim on me now? Where was he when my mother was suffering and I was lost?