In Silas Marner, does the phrase "God will clear me" have any literary devises?  

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The phrase "God will clear me" refers to the utterance that Silas Marner continuously repeated when he was accused of stealing and of having a knife 

The knife had been found in the bureau by the departed deacon's bedside—found in the place where the little bag of church money had lain, which the minister himself had seen the day before. Some hand had removed that bag; and whose hand could it be, if not that of the man to whom the knife belonged?

The accusation made against Silas is pretty bad, and leaves  him in a shock. When he says "God will clear me" he is offering human traits to an ethereal character in which a lot of people place their faith. He does this in the belief that this ethereal spirit has the power to intervene among humans and exercise its will with more power and authority than any other human being would.  Awarding of human traits to such being is called personification. 

Still it would be more precise to define the process of giving human traits to a non-human character in the phrase "God will clear me" as anthropomorphism.

This type of personification is directly ascribed to giving God a human quality, trait or skill that is only possible for humans to do. Hence, that God will "clear" Silas would entail that the Lord himself will be coming down from heaven, act as a defense attorney of some kind for Silas, and cause the miracle of clearning his name in front of the others who want to hurt him. 

 "God will clear me: I know nothing about the knife being there, or the money being gone. Search me and my dwelling; you will find nothing but three pound five of my own savings, which William Dane knows I have had these six months." 

Anthropomorphism is a very typical tendency among religious believers. It is one of the most widely-used literary devices in prayers, hymns, psalms, and Bible verses. It is perhaps one of the most effective ways to create a personal connection to a power that is considered higher than our human condition. Silas, being a deeply religious man, stuck to his faith and felt that God would intervene for him. Anyone would have thought the same way under these dire circumstances.