In Silas Marner chapter 11 who was at the New Year's party?  

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The New Year’s dance is at the Red House.  The guests at the part include Mr. Godfrey Cass, Mrs. Kimble, and the two Miss Gunns.  There are a lot of women.  Nancy is relieved that her aunt Mrs. Osgood is there, but annoyed that Godfrey is, because he wants to marry her and she does not want to marry him.  She is also accompanied by her sister Priscilla, in a matching dress.

There was a buzz of voices through the house as Miss Nancy entered, mingled with the scrape of a fiddle preluding in the kitchen; but the Lammeters were guests whose arrival had evidently been thought of so much that it had been watched for from the windows… (ch 11)

At dinner, Nancy has to sit between Mr. Crackenthorp and Godfrey.  The drunker the squire gets, the more he pushes Nancy on Godfrey.