Is SiH2Cl2 nonpolar and why?

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It is Dichlorosilane 

The molecule is polar since the electronegative difference between Si-Cl is larger than that of the electronegative difference between Si-H.

Electronegativity is the tendency of the atom or element to pull the electron towards it self which will result in the polarity of the molecule which will form polar covalent bond.

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SiH2Cl2 -> Dichlorosilane is a (slightly) polar molecule.

shape: tetrahedral

the Chlorine's lone pair and its electronegativity make the compound a polar molecule. 

Electronegative difference

C-Cl = 3.16 - 2.55 = 0.61

Cl-H = 2.55-2.1 = 0.4

there's a net charge going to Cl that makes the compound slightly to very lightly polar.



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